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About Me

Willow and Edge Creations was born in 2020, when small business owner Chantelle started to create and design her very own special creations for her 3 children. Chantelle had just given birth to her beautiful baby girl and wanted to create a few keepsake items for her nursery. This was when Willow and Edge Creations became more than just personalising for her own family and home.

Chantelle has always had a love for anything personalised, and those beautiful keepsakes to help celebrate those most special moments. Or, sometimes make those boring household items fun, quirky and exciting!

What began as just a hobby and something for her own family, has now grown into a thriving business where she puts her love for personalisation, and creative skills in design to create quality personalised items for everyone.

From her own experience Chantelle knows that every product needs to be of the highest quality, and her design work always flawless. That is why she is proud to share her personalised products with you all today, and work with even the most custom of designs to ensure your items are exactly what you want and be sure to love!

Whether you are looking for a beautiful baby keepsake, a gift for a loved one, items for around the house, to keep the kids entertained or quality workwear Willow and Edge creations have someone for everyone. 

Need something custom and not on our product lists? Reach out to Chantelle today via our online enquiry form and we will be sure to make this happen for you!

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